New Signing! Stèv “Elsewhere EP”

Loci Records is proud to present Stèv’s “Elsewhere EP,” the labels third catalog release which will be release on December 10th 2013. Hailing from the Mediterranean port city of Ancona, Italy, Stèv diligently mixes his unique blend of melodic downtempo groves and artfully selected field recordings to create the 5 cinematic songs found here. EP openers “Winter Train” and “Nakamise” have slow builds that tactfully flow into hypnotic swirls of lush percussion. Tracks like “Climbing A Mountain With Your Best Friend” and “Flying Tissue” take the listener on a journey through the captivating intricacies of Stèv’s masterful instrumentation. EP closer “Hikikomori” pacts a powerful punch, with extraordinary compositional technique that put any doubt to rest on why Emancipator would choose this to be only the second artist on his Loci label. As Stèv states “I tried to flow every feeling I received from my trips and life happenings like I never did before, and I think it came out a kind of melting pot of most of the elements that define my personality, such as my love for nature, my passion for Japan, my multi-instrumental obsession and my interest in sound exploration.”

Elsewhere EP – Available 12/10/2013