Born and raised in a city between the hills and the sea, Stèv has always been fascinated by nature. With his daydreaming nature, he makes music that merges emotional aesthetic appeal with his drive for fresh electronic sonorities, exploring the different sides between acoustic and synthetic. He strives to find unique balances between what is man-made and what is natural.

Stèv is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, constantly working his craft. He also studied sound engineering to further his trade and versatility. He delves deep into the world of sound, intrigued not only by melodies and harmonies but also by its manipulation. Thus, Stèv bears an organic style which may only be fitting as he enjoys capturing his environment through his recorder. The concoctions he engineers commonly have eclectic effects and sounds complemented with midtempo or downtempo beats.

His craft is such that he manipulates these eclectic song structures and effects while finessing them into near unrealistic melodies and harmonious chaos much like a Jackson Pollock painting. He is a beatsmith who is always on the move, trying to capture the sounds around us that we may unknowingly ignore. The boundaries of electronic music are always expanding, and you can expect Stèv to be in the thick
of it.

In addition to his studio works, he also performs live using a varied setup of several musical instruments beside live electronics, playing, editing and layering everything right in front of the audience using a loop station and other live looping tricks.



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October 29, 2015