Thoma – Salt Spring

Salt Spring is the new EP from downtempo and idm favorites Thoma. We are very excited to release the full album on November 15, 2019.

“This album was conceived and composed on a small farm, located on Salt Spring Island off the west coast of Canada. Isolated from broader civilization, we tried to capture the peace and the beauty of the place and the time.

In the process of making the album, we used only a small selection of interesting recordings and sounds that we had found just before traveling to the island, and added to these field recordings of our surroundings. The isolation we achieved was very helpful in allowing us to break free of our normal artistic routines and choices. While in a sense the pace of the project was intense, having been created in the space of only a few weeks, we blended our production process into our daily routines of swimming and exploring the island such that we never felt overwhelmed.” – Thoma