Tristan de Liège

Tristan de Liège began his interests in music in middle school, first playing in indie bands and eventually exploring loop-based electronic music. His sound is inspired by instrumental hiphop, jazz, downtempo artists and also his love of film soundtracks, world music and orchestral arrangements. He constantly seeks to push his sound further, trying new combinations of instruments (most of which he plays himself) and genres.

He has collaborated with several different musicians on a variety of projects, including Thoma (with experimental producer and childhood friend Askanse) and Lost At Sea (a one-off post-rock project with guitarist Ben Formanek). He is looking to further expand his horizons, not only into the realm of more challenging and innovative live performance but also in scoring for film and games.




Tor - Drum Therapy



February 13, 2016



June 23, 2011