Tor was raised in a small mountain town on Canada’s west coast where he started experimenting with music production as a teenager. He further honed his skills while living in Australia, running a small recording studio and remixing some prominent Australian producers. He later produced the Sufjan Stevens hip hop mashup album ‘Illinoize’, which garnered a lot of critical and audience acclaim.

Now based in Vancouver and inspired by the positive feedback he received from his previous projects, Tor produced the album he had been wanting to make for almost 10 years: ‘Drum Therapy’. It combines layers of downtempo melodic beats, organic instrumentation, and the unmistakable sounds of dusty samples. For the album, he mined everything from 60’s Italian film scores and long-lost Turkish psych records, to Celtic folk hymns, exotic eastern instruments and deep south gospel. He also played many of the non-sampled elements himself, and treated the sounds to give them the warmth & texture he had always wanted the album to have.

‘Drum Therapy’ was released on Emancipator’s label ‘Loci Records’ in late 2012, receiving glowing reviews from critics and fans alike. Since then Tor has been touring all over the US supporting acts such as Emancipator, Bluetech & Random Rab, as well as getting in studio time producing remixes and new music for the next phase of his career.




Tor - Drum Therapy




October 29, 2015



June 22, 2011