Misticeti - Signals [MP3 Digital Pre-Order]

Misticeti - Signals [MP3 Digital Pre-Order]

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Releases June 9, 2023


** This is a digital pre-order. You will receive an immediate download of the lead single and the full EP download on June 09, 2023.

Signals is the debut EP from Juan Manuel Vasquez, AKA Misticeti, a new electronic music artist hailing from Colombia and currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The name Misticeti is inspired by the scientific name for Humpback Whales (Mysticeti), an animal that exudes mysticism, creativity and playfulness - elements perfectly encapsulated within his sound. This creature serves as both muse and inspiration to him during his travels through remote areas of his native country. Drawing on these experiences, he seeks to bring a unique combination of mystery and fun throughout the EP.

Track Listing:
01. Mirage
02. Hybrid Feelings
03. Whale Spirit
04. Now I See